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Before you appear in front of a Judge, you will be interviewed by a Pretrial Services Officer (PSO). You will be questioned about your family, residential, employment, financial, educational, health and criminal history. You will not be questioned about the charge(s) nor should you discuss them with the PSO.

After the interview, the information will be verified through other sources, such as family members, employers, and probation officers. All information obtained by the PSO is confidential and is used only for release purposes. The information will not be used to determine guilt or innocence.

A pretrial services report is submitted to the Judge and copies are provided to the prosecutor and to you and your attorney. Included in the report is an assessment of your risk of nonappearance at future court hearings and the potential danger you pose to the community.

The report also contains a recommendation to the Court regarding your release. The PSO will recommend the least restrictive release conditions which would reasonably assure your return to court and the safety of the community.