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Released Information

After the IA or DH, you must go to the following places. If you were arrested, you will return to lockup to be processed out by the U.S. Marshals Service. Next, proceed to the Clerk's Office where a deputy clerk will read the order of release to you. You must sign it before you are released. If you were summoned to court, you will proceed to the Clerk's Office and sign your order of release.

Every defendant is released with conditions. The two standard conditions are: 1) not violate any law; and 2) appear in court as directed. You must not change residence without notifying the court. Some defendants may have additional conditions of release to reasonably assure their return to future court appearances and the safety of the community, e.g., drug testing. If you have the condition of pretrial services supervision, you must go to the Pretrial Services Office housed. This is the same office that interviewed you and prepared the bond report for the Judge. At the Pretrial Services Office you will be assigned to an officer who will supervise you.

At your first meeting, the officer will:

  • explain your conditions of release
  • explain the consequences of noncompliance (e.g., jail, new charges, more restrictive conditions)
  • tell you your next court date
  • give you instructions on when and how to report
  • set up a home visit.